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Use These 27 Business Directories to Support Black Businesses

Black business directory

If you want to support Black businesses, below is a list of twenty-seven Black business directories that you can reference when you are looking for products or services. Your Black Friday shopping trip may be shorter than you think when you shop with businesses in your neighborhood.

Spend some of that hard-earned money with this community.

But also note that your business can benefit by catering to the needs of these highly motivated consumers. Spending by Black consumers is a $300 billion opportunity according to McKinsey Quarterly.

Don’t make the mistake most large corporations make. Don’t underestimate the economic impact of goods and services purchased by Black consumers.

Official Black Wall Street

Alaska Black Business Directory

Arizona Black Pages

Black Business List

Afro Philly

Birmingham Black

Support Black Owned

Black Pages

Chicago Black Business Directory

Black in Business

VA Black Business Directory

Memphis Black Owned Business Directory

I Am Black Business

Black Owned Business Directory Houston

Blax – A Black Owned Directory

UK Black Owned

Blax Directory

I Shop Black

Black Pages South

Philadelphia Black Business Directory

City of Cincinnati Black Business Directory

New York City Black

Black Bronze Business Directory

Black Business Directory San Antonio

Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle Black Business Directory

Louisiana Black Business Directory

African American Business Directory Texas

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