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Does this sound like you?

You want to start a podcast but you have no idea where to start. You’re intimidated by all the equipment and software and hosting and…

You’re starting over and hosting a podcast seems to be the best way to get your message out. It all sound so exciting. But seems so overwhelming.

You haven’t launched your podcast yet because you don’t know how to bridge the gap between having an idea and launching a completed show. Plus there are so many other podcast out there. Is it worth it?

You took the course. You watched the video. You’re trying to keep up with all the latest. But you still can’t seem to get your show on the air.

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So you want to start a podcast or maybe you just started one.  So, now what? 

Podcasting is not as simple as turning on a mic and talking into it. There are a lot of tools to learn, equipment to buy, and strategies to figure out.

PODCUBATOR will be that place to help you figure it out! We strive to be your ‘bridge maker’ between where you are now, and launching your show successfully.

My podcast incubator is designed to help you launch your podcast this year, even if you’re without experience. It’s designed for brand new podcasters, but there are some great tools in the mix that will help even if you’ve been podcasting for a while. 

I can help new and up and coming podcasters take their show from planning to the launch stage.

With the PodCubator program I will guide you every step of the way and we cover everything from deciding if launching a podcast is even right for you to helping you come up with your podcast name and logo. Right through to launching your show.

And we don’t stop. As part of our new podcasters community you will be able to participate in our weekly office hours.  Every week we will check in as part of our virtual coaching missions to help you understand what’s working and what’s not as you start and launch your show.

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