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I’m interested in learning about the experience of new podcasters. I want to delve into the mindset of why they want to podcast and their method for sorting through the strategies and methodologies required to get a podcast published.This interview is with Eric Cuascut, Host of Social Influence PodcastWebsite: The Podcubator
On this episode, I talk about how I came to start my first podcast. Know that there’s a lot of resources available. But don’t let confusion and mixed messages stop you from starting. Learn more at Podcast Launch by John Lee Dumas
I’m not a tech novice but I have to dig deep to make sense of the recommendations for various tools we us to start and grow our podcast. On this podcast, I’ll talk about my personal experience with podcasting, what tools I’ve used and what I think about them. I will also delve into different...

About Tools of the Podcast Trade Podcast

Tools of the Podcast Trade will examine the tools and strategies you can use to start and grow your podcast.  Podcasting is fun.  But where can you find the resources you need?  

Each week I will present tools, tips, and strategies to answer your burning question about podcasting.  

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So what do you want to know about podcasting?  Send me your question.  You never know.  I might read it on the air or have it answered on the air by a podcast expert. 

Disclaimer: As an Amazon affiliate I may get a small commission if you purchase a product after clicking one of the affiliate links on this page.

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