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Don’t Allow Unimportant People to Steal Your Joy

Every human is important. But sometimes we give too much room to unimportant people to steal our joy.  These are people who don’t hold any sway in your life.  They can’t make your life better.

But these are the people we let take up space in your head. Everyone is important. Everyone has value. But if that person belittles you. If that person is condescending or is even downright mean to you. Then why are you thinking about them? Why are you wasting your valuable time on them? Why pray tell would you allow that person to control your mind? Ask yourself this question: “If I wasn’t so upset over this person, what would I be free to do?”

It’s time to change your mindset.

Your mind is very valuable real estate. Your brain is capable of amazing things. Release yourself from tyranny. This person may be your boss or a relative so it may be hard to separate from them physically. But you can mentally discharge them from your life.  

My method:

Release them.

Recalibrate your way of thinking about them.

Refuse to let then seep into and squat in your mind.


  • Don’t blame yourself. Even if you made a mistake don’t let anyone make your feel bad about it.  Don’t condemn yourself and don’t allow anyone else to either. Jesus doesn’t condemn you.
  • Forgive the person.
  • Focus on finding something to take your mind off the negative thoughts.
  • Remind yourself that in your life and in the grand scheme of things this person doesn’t matter.

But the one thing I’ve found to help me stop unimportant people from stealing my joy is to pray for them.  Not the kind of prayer David sometimes prayed.  No. Pray for their wellbeing just like you would a friend.

I learned this lesson from my pastor.  I had a guy at work who made it his side hustle rob me of my joy.  This bully took pleasure in harassing single moms.  

I endured many sleepless nights worrying about losing my job.  Because this guy used lies to make his accusations official.

One day my pastor asked that if anyone in the congregation had trouble sleeping because someone on the job was bothering them.  I have no clue of he knew.  I didn’t tell anyone.

He went on to tell us to pray for that person.  Call their name.  And tell God to help you forgive them.  I did that and discovered that when you pray for your enemy you disempower them from robbing you of your joy.

Don’t let unimportant people steal your joy.

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