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Do Nothing Day: The Cure For When Life Gets Overwhelming

When life gets overwhelming sometimes it’s good to take a step back. Take a break.

How would life change for you if every now and again you had a Do Nothing Day? That’s right. Just do nothing! 

 While talking to my friend the other day I told her I was having a do-nothing day.  It was the day I got up.  Had my coffee.  Read my Bible and wrote in my journal. Looked at my desk and went back to bed.

I wasn’t feeling down or lazy.  But I felt like my brain was twisted up like a pretzel.  Life seemed a jumble.

I didn’t feel like doing any work.

I didn’t want to meditate.  I just wanted to rest and not think about anything. 

Hence my Do Nothing Day.  

This day I didn’t answer emails (minimal checking as well). Didn’t post on social media. Or even worry about what I was missing out on.

I just did nothing.


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I lost myself in a romance novel.  Nothing juicy.  I don’t like those.  I like romance novels with a plot. Love the ones with a SEAL hero.  And it should be based on Christian values.  My preference.

But your Do Nothing Day could include a little bit of self-care.  If that’s what doing nothing looks like for you.  Sometimes my Do Nothing Day includes a trip to the sauna.  But you can stay home and pamper yourself with products that make you feel better inside and out.

So when you are feeling overwhelmed. When you’ve hit a wall.  

Have yourself a Do Nothing Day.  You’ll feel better. 

But it only works if you lose the guilt!


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