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JRosemarie (Jenn)

I started my on-air journey in 2014 with an internet radio station on Blog Talk Radio but I wasn’t happy with that format as a way to spread my message.

Then I discovered podcasting. Even before podcasting became mainstream, I was in the weeds studying the best in the industry. Taking courses such as Pat Flynn’s PowerUp Podcasting and joining Podcasters Paradise (John Lee Dumas), solidified my expertise and love for the craft. I’ve listened to hundreds of podcast episodes from various hosts taking note of the various tools and strategies they use.

For over two years, I’ve hosted SoloMoms! Talk Podcast and have developed the skill for mentoring others through the podcast process. My second podcast, Tools of the Podcast Trade allows me to share my knowledge expertise, as well as guest interviews with stars in the industry.

My mission is to demystify podcasting and fill that 2mm gap so you can start and grow your podcast now.

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I met Jennifer about two years ago. We connected through the Podcaster’s Paradise’s mentor pairing program.

At the time I hadn’t produced one episode or launched our podcast. Jennifer was gracious enough to meet with me over the phone at least once a week to answer my numerous questions. She equipped me with motivation, stick-to-itiveness, knowledge, and a friendship that has grown to this day. She’s a brilliant thinker with several podcasts. SoloMoms! Talk is a great podcast and she’s set to launch a new podcast very soon.

I’m grateful for her mentorship and believe that anyone who works with Jennifer will benefit tremendously as a podcaster. Jennifer is a natural giver and gives more than she takes as a way of being. Two years later we continue to meet and follow one another’s podcast on our socials and she’s still rooting for me and my podcast (ThePrisonPost) on with feedback, encouragement, affirmation, and the latest tips.

Thank you Jennifer for all that you are and all that you do for so many. Most of all thank you for being my friend.

Richard Mireles, The Prison Post Podcast

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