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How Can I Help You

One-on-One personalized mentoring for new and up-and-coming podcasters anywhere in the world. I can help you demystify podcasting so you can launch your show.

You’re Just Starting Out

You've launched your podcast but feel a bit stuck.

There are just a couple of things that feel out of place. And you're not quite sure you're doing it right.

Schedule a quick consult to see if we're a great fit.

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You're Just Starting Out

You Are Confused About Where to Start

Don't get bogged down in the tech or let Imposter Syndrome overwhelm you.

I can help clear up the confusion and mixed messages.

So you can get your message to your audience.

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You Are Confused About Where to Start

You Just Need a Listening Ear

You already have a podcast but every now and then, you want to bounce something off someone.

But you don't feel comfortable getting into a FB group. Sometimes people are not very polite.

I'm here for you.

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You Just Need a Listening Ear

Hosting & Editing


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How Can I Help?


I demystify podcasting for my clients

What one of my mentees says...

I'm a professional podcaster who can show you how to make that 2mm shift so you can launch your podcast.

For over two years, I've hosted SoloMoms! Talk Podcast and have developed a skill for mentoring others through the podcasting process. Tools of the Podcast Trade is my second podcast and I'm very excited to share my knowledge and interviews with guests who are stars in the industry.

**Member: National Podcasters Association and Christian Women in Media (CWIMA).

J Rosemarie
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